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The following areas of expertise are applied to research projects by leveraging the multi-disciplinary skills of faculty and graduate students at LIONS Center and across Penn State.

Problem & Approach Sponsor/Projects
Cyber Security Problem:
  • Business continuity vs. security
  • Enterprise software has high complexity
  • Malware defense
  • Automatic self-recovery
  • Survivability-driven architectures
  • Behavior-based malware analysis
  • Comprehensive cross-layer infection analysis
  • Integrated static & dynamic analyses
  • Novel wireless key management & authentication schemes
  • MURI: Autonomic Recovery of Enterprise-wide Systems
  • NSF ARRA TC-M: Towards Self-Protecting Data Centers
  • NSF CT-M: Securing Dynamic Online Social Networks
  • NSF CAREER: Combating Worm Propagation in Emergent Networks
  • ARO: Graphical Models for Security Analysis
  • NSF/DHS: Testing and Benchmarking Methodologies for Network Security
Cyber Situational Awareness Problem:
  • Physical SA tools cannot solve cyber problems
  • Existing cyber SA tools have big blind spot
  • For analysts: big gap between human cognition and SA algorithms often exists
  • SA driven human cognition simulation and automation
  • System wide static and dynamic analyses
  • System "map"
  • Game theoretic modeling & analysis
  • ARO MURI: Computer-aided Human Centric Cyber Situation Awareness
  • DOE: A Game Theoretic Approach for Cyber Attack Prediction (recent)
  • DTRA: Relational Network Analysis and Complexity for WMD Intention Discovery
  • Center of Academic Excellence for Intelligence Community
  • RFID in Smart Space for Aging in Place
  • Extreme event simulation
Information Sharing and Privacy Problem:
  • Privacy "is in disarray and nobody can articulate what it means"
  • Big gap between computational privacy definition and users’ perceptions
  • Stove pipes (lack of trust) deter information sharing
  • Privacy by design
  • Conceptual understandings of privacy
  • Empirical examinations of social/human nuances and consequences of privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Trust-based information sharing
  • NSF CAREER: Examining Users' Collective Privacy Management for Online Social Networks
  • NSF TC: MySpace Generation's Online Safety: Adolescent Attitude and Behavior, Parental Mediation, and Educational Intervention
  • NSF HCC: Collaborative Privacy Practices: Exploring Privacy in Information Intensive Environments
  • NSF CT-ER: Privacy Assurance in Location-Based Services
  • DHS Center for Border Security and Immigration
  • NSF CT-M: Securing Dynamic Online Social Networks

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