Research Funding

Funding Agency Project Name Duration Total
Center Involvement
NSF CAREER CAREER: Examining Users' Collective Privacy Management for Online Social Networks 2010-2015 $478,606 Xu is the sole PI
NSF Trustworthy Computing MySpace Generation's Online Safety: Adolescent Attitude and Behavior, Parental Mediation, and Educational Intervention 2010-2013 $499,945 Xu is the PI
NSF Human Centered Computing Collaborative Privacy Practices: Exploring Privacy in Information Intensive Environments 2010-2013 $499,981 Xu is a co-PI
ARO MURI MURI: Computer-aided Human Centric Cyber Situation Awareness
(Penn State, CMU, GMU, NCSU, UMD, ASU)
2009-2014 $6,250,000 Liu is the overall PI
NSF Trustworthy Computing TC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Towards Self-Protecting Data Centers: A Systematic Approach
(GMU, Penn State, WIU)
2009-2012 $1,200,000 Liu is the PSU PI
DTRA Pathway-based Integration of Relational Networks and Textual Information for Detecting Motivation and Intent of WMD-related Threats 2009-2012 $1,047,475 Liu is a co-PI
AFRL SBIR SBIR: Integrated Graphical Models for Efficient and Practical Network Attack Damage Assessment
(IAI, Inc, Penn State)
2008-2010 $750,000 Liu is a co-PI
AFOSR MURI MURI:  Autonomic Recovery of Enterprise-wide Systems after Attack or Failure with Forward Correction
(GMU, Columbia, Penn State)
2007-2012 $4,800,000 Liu leads the PSU team
Cyber Trust
CT-M-Collaborative Research: Securing Dynamic Online Social Networks.
(UT San Antonio, ASU, PSU)
2008-2012 $1,000,000 Squicciarini is the PSU PI
NSF/DHS NRT: Collaborative Research:  Testing and Benchmarking Methodologies for Future Network Security Mechanisms
(PSU, ICSI, UC Davis, Purdue, SRI, McAfee, Sparta)
2003-2008 Around $5,000,000 Liu is a co-PI
NSF CAREER CAREER: Combating Worm Propagation in Emergent Networks 2007-2012 $400,000 Zhu is the sole PI
DOE CAREER A Game Theoretic Approach for Cyber Attack Prediction 2003-2005 $183,143 Liu is the sole PI
ARO STTR: Practical Efficient Graphical Models for
Cyber-Security Analysis in Enterprise Networks
2007-2009 $750,000 Liu is a co-PI
Cyber Trust
CT-ER: Privacy Assurance in Location-Based Services:  Integrating Economic Exchange and Social Justice Perspectives 2007-2009 $174,777 Xu is the PI
Cyber Trust
Cyber Trust
CT-ER: Security and Privacy Solutions for Data-Centric Sensor Networks 2007-2009 $200,000 Zhu is the PI
AFRL SBIR: Integrated Graphical Models for Efficient and Practical Network Attack Damage Assessment 2008-2010 $750,000 Liu is a co-PI
Cyber Trust
CT-ISG: A Framework for Defending Against Node Compromises in Distributed Sensor Networks 2005-09 $450,000 Zhu is the PI
ARO Distributed Self-healing Mechanisms for Securing Sensor Networks 2005-08 $270,000 Zhu is the PI; Liu is a co-PI
NSA/DHS DOD Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) & DoD IA Capacity 2004-2008 Around $900,000 Chu is the PI; Liu is a co-PI
Cyber Trust
QoIA-Aware Attack Resilient Database Systems 2002-2007 $140,000 Liu is the sole PI
NSF Capacity Building in Information Assurance at Penn State 2004-2007 $296,000 Liu is the PI; Chu is a co-PI
DARPA Engineering a Distributed Intrusion Tolerant Database System Using COTS Components 2000-2002 $180,000 Liu is the sole PI
DARPA Measuring Quality of Information Assurance 2002-2003 $100,000 Liu is the sole PI

* The total amount includes not only the credit assigned to the center’s core faculty, but also the credit assigned to their collaborators at PSU and other institutions.

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