Education Center for IA/CD (Web Portal)

The Lions center is a national leader in Information Assurance education. The Lions Center is re-designated by DHS and NSA as "National Center of Academic Excellence in IA/CD Education" (CAE-Education) for 2014-2021.

Motivation / Missions:

As we moved into the next century of information age, increasing network complexity, greater demand for access, and a growing emphasis on the Internet have made networking, mobile computing and information assurance (IA) a major concern for organizations. We at Penn State are continually committing to creative research, innovative teaching, and first-grade outreach services in these key areas, especially in IA. This motivates us to establish a dedicated center in information assurance to plan, coordinate, and promote IA research, education, and outreach at Penn. State.

The missions of the center are:
  • Conduct a broad-based research on various aspects (theoretical and applied; technical and managerial; wired and wireless, etc.) of information and cyber security.
  • Educate and train information security professionals through degree and continuing education programs, and to insure that information security awareness is instilled in all Penn. State Students.
  • Provide assistance and technical supports to industry, non-profit organizations, government, and individuals in the information and cyber security area.

Information Assurance Curricula:

The Committee on National Security Systems and the National Security Agency have certified that the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State offers a set of courseware that has been reviewed by National Level Information Assurance Subject Matter Experts and determined to meet National Training Standard for:
  • Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals, NSTISSI No. 4011,
  • Senior System Managers, CNSSI No. 4012
  • System Administrator (SA), CNSSI No. 4013
  • Information Systems Security Officers, CNSSI No. 4014
  • System Certifiers, NSTISSI No. 4015
for academic years 2006-2009.

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Dr. Gerry Santoro, College of Information Sciences and Technology; Email:
  • Dr. Peng Liu, Professor of Information Sciences and Technology; Director of Penn State Center for Cyber-Security, Information Privacy, and Trust. Tel: +1 (814) 863-0641.

Corresponding Address:

      305A SSB Building
      College of Information Sciences and Technology
      The Pennsylvania State University
      University Park, PA 16802, USA
      Fax: +1 (814) 865-6426

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